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Anja and team have the technical ability to design pieces from scratch or to create pieces to include any jewels you may already have. After discussing your requirements we will create expert drawings and wax models to help you visualise your new piece of jewellery. When you are happy with the design, we will oversee its creation with our master goldsmith, who will sculpt raw materials into your new beautifully crafted piece of jewellery.

Anja loves designing new pieces, and her experience in Amsterdam, working at Asprey’s and Nathan’s, has given her inspiration which is reflected in her designs.

We are all self-confessed vintage lovers; and loves to remodel customers older or inherited pieces, and create something new out of something old.

How it works

One Customer’s Story

Alison, one of our valued clients, had two rings which she had inherited. Over the years, fashions change, and she found that she just wasn’t wearing them. As they had sentimental value, she did not want to leave them to languish in her jewellery box, so she brought them in to the boutique and discussed remodelling them into just one ring.

After discussing what she would like, we set to work with paper, pencil and paint, and sketched out some ideas.

After showing the sketches to Alison, they refined and chose the design to go forward with and a full quotation was given.

When the ring arrived back into the boutique from our goldsmith, we checked over the piece, making sure that everything had been made to her specification and satisfaction before calling Alison to invite her in to look at her newly created jewellery.

Alison was delighted!

So, what have you got lurking at the bottom of your jewellery box?  Have a rummage – you’ll be amazed at the possibilities. We will even scrap any metals or stones that are not needed to offset the cost of your new piece.

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