Superfit technology

Finger size is not the same as knuckle size and since a ring has to be large enough to pass over your knuckle first, it is often too large for the base of your finger and will roll or turn when worn.

Finger sizes change with the weather, the time of day, physical activity and the seasons. The ring that fits wonderfully in the winter may suddenly become too tight in the summer. Or when you exercise.  (Hot, perspiring fingers can expand up to 2 sizes).  Stress, medications, pregnancy, hormonal changes, arthritis, weight loss or gain, injury, etc also affect the size of your finger and the way your ring fits.


Imagine what it would be like to have a ring that opens.
A ring that closes.
A ring that doesn’t have to be pushed over a reluctant knuckle.
A ring that doesn’t twist or turn. 
A ring that fits precisely where it should - at the base of your finger. 
A ring you can wear comfortably when you play tennis or golf.  Or have swollen or arthritic knuckles.

Superfit's hinge and latch design is virtually invisible, an exquisite combination of micro-engineering and a jeweller's design artistry.  It can be sized up or down like any other ring and comes with a 5 year guarantee.  It can be used for new rings, heirloom rings and rings of every width.  It is available in 18ct yellow or white gold or platinum to match your ring.


You’ll hear it.  That comforting  "click" that tells you your ring is securely closed.  To activate the mechanism, simply press the "dimple" with the precision stylus.  Superfit is designed for ease of use and won't snag your clothing, hosiery or nails.  Superfit is used by the world’s top jewellers and jewellery designers.  It is now the “gold standard” in ring sizing ... prized for its elegance, engineering and comfort.

That’s what you’ll enjoy with Superfit.  Superfit’s invisible hinged design allows your ring to open and close easily, safely and securely for an elegant “Superfit” and easy removal.

The staff at Anja Potze Fine Jewellery will be happy to demonstrate how Superfit's made-to-measure feature works and answer any questions you may have.  So watch the short video and call us on 01905 20944.  See what Superfit can do for you!