Wedding Rings

A wedding ring.  The one piece of jewellery which symbolises the enduring love you have for one another.  Here at Anja Potze Fine Jewellery we have a selection of platinum, palladium and 18ct white, yellow and rose gold for you to choose from. 

Make choosing these special rings an occasion.  Call us on 01905 20944 to book an appointment and discuss exactly the type of ring you would like.  We have a beautiful, quiet room set aside, perfect for the occasion.

We are able to offer ready made rings (which we will have sized for you at no extra cost) or you can commission your own ring.  Choose from traditional (plain) wedding bands or diamond set.  Highly polished, satin finished.  Chamfered edges, rounded, or square - the choice is yours!

Commissioned rings are priced by weight on the day they are ordered. 

Examples of just a few of our ready made (handmade of course) are shown below.