There Are Worlds In An Opal

This week I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful pendant.  With its stunning black opal with flashes of ‘blue fire’, and surrounded by claw set diamonds, it is a perfect statement piece. Whilst it may not be my birthstone (which is actually Emerald!), I think it could easily be one of my favourite gemstones.

I read a great piece this week in Vogue Online by Alexandra Malmed in which she talks about the hidden meanings and histories of some the more well-known gemstones. Did you know that opals are regarded as one of the luckiest and most magical gems of all time? 

‘According to Arabian legend, opals fell from the heavens in flashes of lightning. In Greek mythology, Gyges found an opal ring that made him invisible. He then killed the king of Lydia and married the queen. Despite the implications of this myth, opals are affiliated with hope, purity, and truth.’

Wear with your favourite summer dress or with a crisp white shirt and pleats, it’s versatile too! We love this white tunic from Zara, a steal at £39.99!

Or if you’re looking to splash out, there’s nothing quite like a Missoni to jazz up your summer wardrobe.

My wishlist just keeps growing longer and longer… but with a birthday coming up I’m hoping I can cross a few things off to make room for more!

Happy Shopping!

Felicity x

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